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Longhouse Council, BSA

We have partnered with Longhouse Council, BSA to provide a variety of creative needs. 

During 2020, the council had to come up with an alternative method to host ScoutPower, formerly Boypower, one of the largest fundraising events in the area. JP Luk Media took the lead with the council staff to livestream the event with feature videos, host discussion and donation asks and much more. The event was watched by over 1000 viewers and supporters of Longhouse Council, BSA.


That was the start of the re-brand that we also assisted in. Boypower became ScoutPower. We took the lead with designing a new logo and introduction animation for ScoutPower. After assisting with the rebrand, we were fortunate enough to be asked to create the design for the commemorative ScoutPower coin 3 years in a row. After the successful live stream of Boypower/ScoutPower, JP Luk Media took on Distinguished Citizen of the Year video tribute that plays at the annual charity event for two years in a row.

Due to the Covid 2020 shutdown of events, the council had to come up with an alternative to the way they hosted their annual Winter Soiree. We had the please to work with their development team to come up with a winter holiday live stream. This event took 2 months between planning and on-site filming.


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